Party Like It’s 2005

In my mind Age of Empires III represents the pinnacle of achievement by Ensemble Studios on the Age of Empires series. Never before had the studio spent so much time and energy into creating a game and showing it off to the world. In my dorm room I watched from a distance as my homework piled up and part-time job responsibilities demanded my time. Even though my life was as busy as ever, I still spent time to check out this game and form a greater appreciation for the developers and their work.

Seeing all the side-by-side comparison screenshots of the game originally released in 2005 with the definitive edition releasing in just under 6 weeks, shows just how far the game industry has come in 15 years. With multiple teams working on the definitive edition, I feel the same dedication to the original release. I hope that same dedication continues for many months after the definitive edition releases to the public. Over the coming weeks, I hope to learn more about the game and form an even greater appreciation that what I had the opportunity to do when the Age of Empires III originally released. While Age of Empires III may not be the most popular game in the series, I hope the entire Age of Empires community takes the opportunity to pause from their favorite game in the series and give Age of Empires III another look with the definitive edition.

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