Fortnight Giveaway

As the release of Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition on October 15, 2020 draws near, Age of Empires Town Center would like to gift three Steam codes for the game in celebration.

In order to be eligible for the game code giveaway, you must do the following:

  1. Post a comment on this blog post explaining why you are looking forward to playing Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition on release day.
  2. Add RadiatingBlade, site owner of Age of Empires Town Center, as a friend on Steam so they can gift you a copy of the game once the contest has finished.

All steps above must be completed before the contest ends 11:59 PM EDT on Monday, October 12th. Codes will be provided for the top 3 entries as determined by RadiatingBlade, so be as creative, funny or nostalgic in your comments as possible to make them stand out above the rest. Good luck! Any questions? Fill out our Contact Us form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Note: This contest is not sponsored in any way by Microsoft or Xbox Game Studios.

11 thoughts on “Fortnight Giveaway

  1. I played AOE3 since 2010 (and in gameranger 3 years ago) and the gameplay is very unique compared to the others, I loved the unique playstyle of every civ, especially the Asian ones, the Campaign of Chayton Black is for me the best of the game because it inspires a lot of respect to them, the Mercenaries feels so overpriced and the naval vessels boring to be honest but still quite good units, Having now Incas and Sweden is quite good move to wake up this wonderful game, not at the same level as AOE2DE but still a solid game on its own, and for me playing in the release day would be so fun like 2DE, and to complete my collection on steam.

    Adding that the new Art of War is excellent to learn some strategies to this game and I really enjoy that, the new Historical Battles is a must in this game for a bit more historical accurate things.

    Still looking to the future for Persians, Indochinese and African civs, as well Poland, Austria, Danish and Swiss for new options.

    After looking at the new changes for the campaign and natives it also bought me more interest to play in the release day since it features a lakota representative to learn more.

    PD: I send to you the friend request

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  2. The Age of Empires III is THE BIGGEST GAME OF MY CHILDHOOD. I got the original 3 CDs as a Christmas gift a long time ago and then I simply knew I had to buy The Warchiefs and The Asian Dynasties expansions, too. I spent long hours in the game even though I was not a good player. I was impressed by the story of the family of Blacks – the campaign really catched my heart. I was also trying to find interesting units in the editor, making some screenshots and I still remember my first online game when I finally managed to connect to ESO. We went to Yukon and I did basically nothing except getting a polar bear from a treasure lol. The team carried me – fortunately.

    It has been a long while since those times. But here we are – and the game is getting a “new coat” and even the new civilizations.
    All I hope for is a better multiplayer, but one must admit that the whole game seems promising. I still play the original game (now on Steam) from time to time and it brings all the nostalgia back. Also I already preordered the game but if I was able to win, I would gift the game to my younger brother as he loves the AoE series as much as I do.

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  3. I want to play AOE3DE, because out of all games that I’ve played in my life, AOE3 is the only game I understand in fully. To the point where I can talk to anyone from newbie to a pro of how the game runs and how to play it. As I’ve been playing for a long time, it is the only game I’m eager to make content about and show others how great of a game it is, And willing to bring new players to enjoy the same great experience we AOE3 lovers had throughout the years.

    My steam account doesn’t allow me to add you. Here is my friend code: 1067881114

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  4. My journey with AoE started with a bootleg copy of the second part (with a lot of non-essential content like music missing – the glory of Shamburger and Bass Bag hidden from me for many years) given to me as a gift, back when I was about 9. Despite the difficulty, combined with a soft spot for medieval history and themes the bug bit really hard. I would memeorize all the elite units and technicalities and pester anyone unlucky enough to be around about it. Given my interest, a couple of years later I was given my own copy of AoE III when it came out. My excitement was mixed with a bit of hesitation, as I was unsure whether the new time period was actually up my alley. Needlessly so, because I became hooked yet again, although in an interely different way.

    AoE III introduces one to the gunpowder warfare in an outstandingly immersive way. The amount of physics, visual and sound effects presented (like brickwork being smashed by cannonfire) was absolutely stunning, especially considering that RTS as a genre made players accustomed to certain simplifications and not going into such lenghts regarding visualization (honestly, the idea of making the units torch the buildings rather than doing the ever-present silly sword-whacking deserves more recognition). The fights were quick and brutal – one cannonball or burst of muskeet fire could completely decimate your troops, which gave the combat even more gravity. It is was vastly different from previous installements of the game, but then again such was the evolution of warfare and that accurate portrayal of medieval weaponry or archaic technologies of the natives becoming obselete added into the atmosphere.

    AoE was always a series that’s big on cultural richness and 3rd part was no different, especially in the expansions, with different units, architecture and general aesthetics making factions more unique. That brings me to the topic that personally moved me the most during reveal of the Definitive Edition – the revamp of the Native American civilizations. I liked to play them a lot, even though some aspects felt a bit lackluster in comparison to other civs. Hearing that developers went out of their way to create completely new mechanics like fur trade to address the „creative liberties” of the original design or changing various names and descriptions really put a smile on my face. Sadly, I have also seen a lot of people branding that as „SJW wokeness”. Given that Lakota tribes mining silver makes as much sense as Swedes having rice fields, this is quite ridiculous. To me, that direction represents the original attention to detail and in doing so, increases the immersion even more, by making it more authentic and believeable. And that makes me very excited try it again once more.

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  5. In the Christmas Eve of 2005 my parents gave me Age of Empires III as a present. In that moment, I was just a 12 year old boy that already liked AoE, but this game changed my life. Some of my best memories are me playing AoE III with the cold outside in Christmas waiting for my family (that lives out of my country) to come home for dinner and showing it to my grandmother. With that game, I started to like history, I started to being interested in that period, it amazed me, and today I am 25 and I’m a historian specialized in Modern Age. I owe it all to my parents, of course, and also to this game. I’ve been all this time playing aoe 3 but I’m really looking forward to play this new game to relive all those wonderful memories. Thanks for reading, and I wish you all luck.

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  6. I played Age of Empires II after hearing glowing reviews from my friends. The gameplay provided hours of entertainment and I enjoyed trying the different civilizations in the campaign. RTS was my favorite game genre due to the replayability and vast single player campaigns to beat.

    Like most games, there are multiple difficulty options and this gives the player room to improve by learning strengths and weaknesses of each civilization. Testing various strategies to beat the AI or another player made this game rewarding and challenging. Age of Empires shaped the future of strategy games and their influence is evident in games such as Total War: Warhammer and Warcraft 3.

    I appreciate the giveaway and good luck to everyone.

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  7. Got the original Age of Empires in a a Kellogg’s cereal box and that’s how I was introduced to the series. My favorite is Age of Empires 2 and used to play that a lot on dialup with my friends. As for the 3rd game, I never really played that.

    I’d love to play Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition hopefully one day.

    Thank you for the chance!

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  8. I started playing the series because my brother in law, he had the game but his pc wasn’t powerful enough to run it back in the day and I got a new one for Xmas, after we beat the campaigns and started to playing custom skirmish matches, we went to a cybercafe to play on lan. We played the game two entire summers until Age of Empire 2 and that game became our favorite one.

    We had a blast with AOE2, that even make us to read and watch docs and books about medieval wars, we did our custom campaign with King Arthur.

    Sadly he moved on to another city and I had to focus on my studies, so my gaming days with the AOE series ended, I know an AOE3 was coming but I didn’t have so much time to play on those years, you know that RTS games requires a lot of time.

    So finally with online gaming growing and becoming easy to access, I played with my brother in law the classic AOE games again, we almost play every weekend now

    If I win, I will get him a copy for Xmas, we didn’t play AOE3 so it will be awesome to start a new fresh game of a series we love.

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  9. Dear admin,
    My reason for playing AOE III Definitive edition is as follows:
    Years ago when I was still a kid my uncle brought a copy of Age of Empires II.
    Once I played it I immediately started to get hooked to the game and continued to complete the campaigns until the last scenario I could. Once I discovered that the Conquerors Expansion would add more Civilizations and features I started to like it even more. So I played some multiplayer games and I started surveying all the units and buildings on the Tech-Tree to view each unique unit and bonus feature for each civilization. When I thought I was about to finish the conquerors campaigns I found out a New game had been released.
    It was Age of Empires III, a new game from the same franchise that starts on a new era than spanns from the era of discovery through the Early Modern age, I wasn’t able to play the game until some years later when its expansion had been released, I really liked the new format the developers went through and its 3d Engine that helps to have a better view of your troops during game play, the only inconvenience that I found is the low amount of civilizations I would like to have more nations like the Incas or other Native American tribes that could make the game more fantastic that what it already is, I hope this new Definitive edition can give us lots of good surprises in regard to the AI strategy and multiplayer servers, besides what I already mentioned before.

    I hope it can combine a balanced game-play across all civilizations and that it can be more fun than its predecessors.

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  10. Hey,

    First and foremost thanks for the giveaway!

    I used to play Age of Empires III competitively and host tournaments both online and offline in the high years of the game after launch, having had some good times with my clan mates and players enjoying the competitions, so I’m curious if the Definitive Edition can maybe somehow reinvigorate the competitive scene – not like it wouldn’t exist still, it has a healthy following and its share of regular tournaments and events, but possibly there could be some more support now and exposure that could help it get somewhere further.

    For that, the game will need active community, and since I have been long-term looking to include AoEIII in my streaming portfolio as a caster, the Beta currently is a welcome opportunity to do that, and continuing forward after release, if worthy, would be a good way to maybe get more into it, and who knows, possibly also into hosting some tournaments again – RTS League is still a thing 😉

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