A Bright Future

This past week Shannon Loftis, Studio Head at World’s Edge, provided a brief but encouraging update about Age of Empires IV in her blog post entitled, “Age of Empires 2020 in Review: with Shannon Loftis”. It had been over a year since the last announcement for the game and there was some concern within the community that perhaps development had been put on hold due to the pandemic. Shannon reassures Age fans that, “We are making great progress on Age of Empires IV.” She also had the following to say about overcoming development challenges this past year.

“Our partners at Relic have been incredible stalwarts as we all migrated development from office to home, and modified (through trial and error) our processes to help facilitate productivity to keep the game on track. So much passion, such great developers, artists, designers, narrators, audio experts, and community—not to mention the backbone functions that keep the company going.”

These same challenges were overcome by the Forgotten Empires and Tantalus developers working on the Definitive Edition titles. Shannon had the following to say about that as well.

“Throughout lockdown, travel closures, and illness, these studios have continued to bring passion, professionalism, and partnership to work every day, and the results are awesome. We are SO lucky to work with these studios!”

Not only is World’s Edge pushing ahead with Age of Empires IV and the Definitive Edition titles, but also future projects which have yet to be announced. This is great news for Age fans going into the new year. I cannot think of a better time to be active and engaged in the community.

Where will the Age franchise go next? I feel that Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition may be one of those future projects. In a 2019 poll on the official forums asking what fans would like in a potential Age of Mythology II, 86% favored what could conceivably be included as part of an Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition. As far as other potential future projects, I feel that perhaps Age of Empires could branch out into other genres including a multiplayer online battle arena or turn-based strategy game. Time will tell, of course, what direction World’s Edge has in mind to bring the franchise into the future.

The future of Age of Empires truly is bright. What do you think is the future of Age of Empires? Leave a comment below!

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