Lords and Ladies Giveaway

To celebrate the release of the first expansion for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, Lords of the West, we’re giving away two copies of the DLC expansion on Steam. In order to be eligible for the giveaway, please leave a comment below with your decree for the future of Age of Empires II and add RadiatingBlade on Steam. Your decree could be a civilization, unit, technology, gameplay feature, multiplayer tournament, campaign or something else. The winners will be selected at random and the most interesting entries will be featured in a future blog post. The contest runs now until 11:59pm EST on January 25, 2021. It’s time to sit in your favorite chair and make your decree, lords and ladies!

Note: Due to Steam restrictions you must be friends with RadiatingBlade for a minimum of 3 days before RadiatingBlade is able to gift you a copy of the game, so enter early! In the event that we’re unable to gift you a copy of Lords of the West due to regional restrictions, you will receive a digital Steam gift card in the amount of the expansion in USD.

9 thoughts on “Lords and Ladies Giveaway

  1. Age of Empires II should have a night mode. I’d love to see battles at night with torches everywhere and flaming arrows and visibility being a new thing to worry about; shorter view distances, but you can see units that carry light sources from further away than usual.

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  2. I have a dozen of campaign ideas and gameplay gimmicks but I’ll only focus on a campaign which the player has the ability to play the same battle from the different belligerents point of view. And within the same campaign the decisions the player takes gives him the different missions after the previous on different maps. Think Command & Conquer which 3 missions can have a different layout or different objectives but are the same number in ordering.

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  3. I really want some key features. Better spectator overlay (not CA where you need to render the game two times…) also a proper multiplayer lobby settings (getting back into lobby when finishing a game, spec chat, set a creation lobby to automatically start spectating and others.) A useful profile for rankeds is needed (something with statistics like aoe2.net or aoe2insights but ingame. Also i would like some improves in performance (specially in TG) and solution to the problem where only 1 player will lag the entire game for others. The vils/army pathfinding need to be fixed (is better than previously but is far from perfect). I hope all of this is coming in the next expansion pack and available for every player!

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  4. I’m expecting that DE gets better this year with the following things:
    Fix the perfomance on TGs because is just awful to play.
    Some achievements aren’t working so I would fix those.
    Fix and improve the ranked TGs and TG ELO.
    Fix Villager pathfinding
    Some mods make the game to start sooo slow and that is indeed a bug.
    Like ESO online long time ago, in-game friendlist is a great thing to add.
    The competitive scene is overall upset and sad becaue they aren’t being heard for game breaking bugs and no MS responses so there should be someone to take all those requests.
    I can list more bugs to fix but leave it to FE as they are doing well tracking some.

    My decrees overall:
    Better balance, the balance overall is pretty fine (one of the best things that DE brought to us), but with the recent buff the Tatars are extremely strong and some S tier civs like Mayans, Chinese and Franks are in time to be nerfed because they are eclipsing other civs at higher levels and tournaments, on the other side some small buff for Italians and Spanish could be welcomed. and of course rework in some way the Indians because they are a civ with the worst design ever proved by (maybe add Battle elephants).
    New maps for the ranked pool.
    In game map voting.
    Like AOE3 and AOM, an compendium with the info of all units, buildings, campaign and historical characters and some significant battles as well a glossary.
    Regarding civs and campaigns I have some hot takes:
    Lords of the East: (Polish with Jadwiga for the Campaign and Bohemians with the Hussite wars,and for more campaigns I would make Bayezid the Thunderbolt for the Turks, Matthias Corvinus for Magyars and Vytautas the Great for Lithuanians).
    Reign of the Caucasus: (Georgians as a powerul cavalry civ with King David the Builder and the Armenians with some crusader campaign).
    The Hidden Rulers of South Asia: (Maybe Chola/Dravidian/Tamil civilization with Rajendra Chola as Campaign and the Afghans for the 3d Central Asian, not sure for a campaign).
    The East Hegemony: (With Siamese as an Elephant and Gunpowder civ with Suriyothai for the campaign, the Tibetans and Songsten Gampo and Jurchen as other steppe civ, not sure for the Campaigns).
    The African strongholds (Nubians as Archer and Camel civ with the Siege of Dongola for a historical battle and Bantu as another naval civ, Not sure for the campaign).
    The Last Natives of America (Chimus with some campaign fighting the Incas, Muisca with the creation of the Muisca confederation, Tainos and the Taino rebellion of 1511 and Araucans with Lautaro fighting the Spanish).
    TL,DR, note that all of these campaigns/civs aren’t obligatory, but can be benefical for maintain fresh the game and not let it die.

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      1. Hi Hellhammer, The winners were MusicallyInspired and p0ni b0i and announced on our Twitter account. I will be posting a result blog post later today with the results as well but haven’t had time yet to do it.


  5. I would like to see more balanced ranked team game elo and matchmaking. Whether it is resetting elo or using 1v1 ratings when matchmaking would be more beneficial.

    I would like to see Empire Wars become a ranked mode like RM and DM.

    It would be nice if we can just favorite 1 or 2 maps and unselect all maps that we do not want to play. I would becwilling to wait 5-10 minutes to get the one map that I want to play in the queue.

    I would also like to see a better way to prevent smurfing in tournaments besides the methods that are currently in place. Some people have multiple accounts for now months or a year and it makes it difficult to determine smurfing in lower elo tournaments.

    I hope that there will be more balance with under utilized civilizations as so many go unused.

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  6. Besides looking forward to more civilizations, challenge scenarios and campaigns in the future, I optimistically yearn that a new game mode similar to Starcraft 2’s co-op will come to AoE 2 DE for pve players like me. Instead of searching for vs AI in the lobby, I would like to queue with a random person or a friend to do mission objectives with a favorite civ or depends on how FE will develop a co-op mode.

    I also wish for FE to do something about the Battle Royale mode to reduce its queue times and promote it as the “Micro Trainer” and “Unit Composition Trainer” after completing the Art of War missions.

    Actually speaking of training, we need more “Official trainer missions” for new players and even veterans to practice with such as;

    1. Lure Boar Training
    2. Scouting Area Training
    3. Micro Training (Based on the mod Micro Wars Alpha version)
    4. Siege Units Micro Training
    5. Wall Placement Training (Based on the mod Age of Salamanders)
    6. Tower Rush Training (Offensively or Defensively)

    The AoE 2 DE still has lots of untapped potentials. Addition of more QoL features too like a Hotkey Visuals, APM counter, Real Clock in HUD, Reconnect Feature, Revamped Mod Manager and Compendium, etc with continued monthly updates would be great for the whole community.

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  7. My decree for AoE:2DE is the continuation of development for more expansions to soon follow the upcoming Lords of the West expansion! I very much enjoy playing the campaigns and am hyped to hop into the new stories with Lords of the West! As mentioned in another post to this thread, I agree that a coop mode setting for scenarios would be such a fun addition and would give an RPG feel to the game as groups of players worked to solve scenario stories. A final decree is for even more special events throughout the years to come. I have had a blast with all the past events and enjoy earning the crazy mods and profile pictures. Wololo!

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