Lords and Ladies Giveaway Winners

Thank you to everyone who entered into the “Lords and Ladies” giveaway. I hope everyone has had an opportunity to check out the new “Lords of the West” DLC for Age of Empires II: DE. As announced on Twitter yesterday, the winners of the “Lords and Ladies” giveaway are MusicallyInspired and p0ni b0i. Congratulations and enjoy! For those who didn’t win, stay tuned for future giveaways.

What do you think about the decrees from the contestants? If you missed the giveaway, what would you decree? Leave a comment below!

2 thoughts on “Lords and Ladies Giveaway Winners

  1. Yea for future giveaways do another for Lords of the West, and this time with more opportunities, also post it on other sites like reddit.


  2. I may run a future giveaway where the winners have the choice of which prize they would like to receive. I can announce future giveaways on other sites like Reddit. Thanks for the feedback.


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